Law and Scripture

Hey folks,

Today marks the release of the first single from The Missouri Pacific, "Law and Scripture." After months of writing, recording, and planning, you can finally have a look at the finished version. This thing was a real trip. Having never worked in a studio before, the feeling of turning an idea, a tune, into something wholly concrete and realized for the first time was amazing. With The Missouri Pacific, we're building something from the ground up, and this feels like a really stable foundation.

A big thank you to everyone involved. Bryan Fennelly of Plaid Dog for his engineering and kick-ass drumming, Jess Proudhomme for the incredible single artwork, and all the friends who came out to lay down the gang vocals and hang out. You can check out the song by visiting the 'music' tab or clicking the links in this post.

The song is available right now on YOUTUBE and CDBABY but will be available pretty much everywhere you get music in the coming week. There'll no doubt be another announcement when all the other stuff goes live. There is an EP on the way, a selection of some more songs scheduled to release for the Fall, so if you like what you're hearing make sure to keep up. I'm really excited with how it's all coming along. We're trying all sorts of styles and moods and all the tracks are really getting their own unique flavors. 

Releasing this song is a huge step for the project, and it feels like the whole thing is starting to get it's feet off the ground. Hopefully we're heading down a good road, and hopefully we can keep going down it for a long time to come. Thanks so much for keeping up.