Welcome to Missouri Pacific

Hey folks,

First and foremost, to anyone and everyone who's gotten over onto this page, thank you! Considering how young the project is, odds are if you've found your way here you were actively seeking us out. So thanks for doing the dig. And those who've stumbled here by total chance, we're glad to have you!

This is the official website for the project (as you might've guessed) Music, videos, photos, shows, and all that good stuff will be cropping up here from time to time, so if you feel like keeping up with us this is the place to be checking. Things are quiet as of now, but some recording has been done and a music video is on its way, so the pace is bound to pick up in the next couple of weeks. 

There's a lot of aspirations for the summer: getting the music into shape, playing a few small shows, getting involved in the community— the hope is to always encourage other art as we finesse our own, collaboration is a real killer, after all. There's a lot of work to be done! We also busk occasionally around the Manchester, Concord, and Seacoast areas, come say 'hi' if you spot us!

Once again, thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you around.